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Photosensitive glass is a crystal clear glass in which microscopic metallic particles can be formed into a picture or image by exposure to short wave radiations such as ultraviolet light. As a material for the hot glass studio artist, an additional method of producing imagery in an object using photosensitive glass is to first blow an extremely thin rondel (cased or otherwise) which is annealed in the typica manner. That rondel is then cut into sections which are exposed under a negative. Next, those sections (containing the latent image) are warmed and applied to the surface of a gather of hot glass on the blowpipe. As the object is completed over several furnace reheats, the heat develops the image as the object is being created. Since the image is inside and actually a part of the glass itself, photosensitive glass is the most durable photographic medium known.

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Item Zoom Size Cost Purchase
 Larger View 1-P 10" diameter
3" foot
Larger View 2-P 10" diameter
3" foot
Larger View 3-P 10" diameter
3" foot
Larger View 4-P 10" diameter
3" foot

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